COVID 19 Cleaning & Sanitisation

HIT is a specialised intensive cleaning company, we work in the dairy industries, airports, NZDF, and other primary industries providing sterilisation, decontamination and clean up of high risk or contaminated areas.

COVID-19 is a serious problem and we may be able to assist your team in minimising risk to keep maximum people working as we step in to a second phase of opening up the industry while the risk is still high.

HIT would recommend a dedicated team (3+ people) continuously working throughout the site sterilising contact points and desks, surfaces. This is best done by a team as you can cover a large area in a short space of time, less disruption for those working, and also psychologically it gives peace of mind that the environment is a sterilised place. All contact points should be sanitized throughout the day.

We also do Sterilisation Fogging, this happens when the space is empty. We fog the large or small space killing bacteria and leaving a sterile environment. This is a humid option and might not be viable for some of your boat building areas where low moisture is important for some curing processes. We can work through each larger area and formulate the solution. Each Fogging area takes about 7 hours.

Ozone treatment is a very good option to kill the bacteria, Ozone is 3 parts Oxygen (O3). It is very effective at breaking down the cell wall of the virus once the area has a certain concentration of Ozone levels. It is a very safe gas, as once Ozone production has been stopped we just open the space up and it breaks down to Oxygen, no residue, no moisture. It does need a sealed, closed off environment to work.