Forensic Cleaning

Crime Scene Clean-ups

After any physical event, where blood and organic matter must be handled with care. This can be a traumatic event for all involved. We go the extra mile with sensitivity, care, and understanding.

crime scene cleaning and decontamination
crime scene tape
safe disposal of chemicals
Professional and safe disposal of P Labs

Clandestine and 'P' Labs

This is a specialist job with a trained team tailored to quickly and efficiently return the property to a usable state. This service varies depending on the size of the operation, and can include a serious scrub and decontamination treatment, through to the stripping and disposal of all floor coverings, wall and ceiling linings. We work closely with Forensic and Science agencies, following their specifications for the safest results.

Trauma and Blood Clean

Clean-up of blood and organic matter, often in a time of stress for families, which is managed with the utmost consideration. The work is completed to the highest level, providing elimination of all trace material.

Antibacterial Fogging

This process is similar to that of border control, where different products are used depending on the scenario. This is a fast and economic way toeliminate bacteria in many situations. Great in an office environment to prevent the spread of viral diseases and flu. Any area can be fogged quickly, reducing productivity losses (through staff sicknesses), and creating a much healthier working environment. We also offer decontaminations and deep cleaning services.

Police and Government Departments

We consult and work with Police, Army, Air Force and prisons in many different situations. From simple cases of vomit and organic matter clean-up, to decontaminations and virus outbreaks, as well as handling procedures and risk management training and assessment.

police cars