Specialised Cleaning

Builders, and end of tenancy cleans

We will return your space to a high quality and clean area. We can tailor our service to suit your needs on any sized project. The end of a fit-out can be stressful, but we will reduce this pressure by working as needed and to your time line. We offer work plan and risk management assessment services as well.

Building cleanup
metal polishing
polished metal
shiny sink

On-site metal polishing

All surfaces from Stainless Steel handrails to exterior building maintenance, bollards, signs and statues. This is a faster, more cost efficient option than replacement or removal for cleaning.

Aquatic recreation areas

Treatment of water area contamination, including swimming pools, hydro-slides, saunas and spas. This involves the removal of body fats and calcium build-up. Floor traps and drains are also cleaned. A completed service provides a safer and more hygienic experience in public aquatic facilities, increased speeds on hydro-slides and less injuries.

aquatic slide cleaning
slide cleanup
pool cleaning

Hazardous and Dangerous Goods

The site is carefully and fully surveyed by our professional team. Needles and other sharps are removed and disposed of. The area is then decontaminated, enabling safe use by future contractors etc.


A difficult and hazardous substance to deal with. We have worked closely with EQC to enable hundreds of school children to return to school, and residents to return to their homes.

Sewage Spills and Flood Clean-up

A quick and efficient service for contaminated liquids damage. After cleaning up, our antibacterial fogging treatment returns the area to a hygienically safe environment.

cleaning smoke damaged ceiling
fire damaged bathroom cleanup
fire damage cleanup

Fire Damage Cleanup

Smoke damaged areas are cleaned to our high standard. Damaged goods are removed and disposed of accordingly. Often there is water damage and with our specialist equipment, we can assess the situation and install our dryers to enable a faster resettlement and use of the affected area.

Linishing of Elevator Doors

On-site linishing of elevator doors. A very cost effective way of maintaining elevator doors. The result is a look like new, without the major expense and down-time of replacing the stainless steel panels.

We invest heavily in the correct equipment for the job, and ongoing training of our technicians. This gives us a large resource pool of experienced people and specialist plant.