Abseiling & Heights

Whether you work in the public or private sector our professional experience ensures that you receive innovative and custom-tailored solutions that meet the needs of your organisation.

Our HIT team work throughout NZ and offer Abseiling & Heights cleaning solutions, our high level of cleaning and expertise can help with any hard to reach area's. HIT is a specialised intensive cleaning company, we work in the dairy industries, airports, NZDF, and other primary industries.

With Abseiling we use ropes, climbing techniques and safety equipment to gain access to inaccessible areas. This can be at height or in depth, such as work sites above water, in confined spaces or within buildings. Working with rope access allows us to avoid obstacles in a safe and efficient way in order to carry out work at height.

Rope access is used when other working methods are not safe or not possible.

With our reputation and over 10 years of specialising in Heights and Abseiling window cleaning services, you can rest assured in the knowledge you are in the right hands in a collaborative effort with our specialists.

  • HIT's objective is to put our customers at the heart of our business and provide them with a cost effective solution.
  • The companies co productive approach with our clients, along with the particular field of expertise running through our company ensures bespoke answers to your needs. From inquiry to completion you'll get access to quality service throughout the process.
  • HIT's personnel have all the qualifications for industrial rope access and supervisor technicians working throughout the company, this provides a vast resource and wealth of knowledge and experience that permeate the company's activities.
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